The goal of this website is to demonstrate the beauty of Budapest and that with as many eyes or through as many lenses as possible. In Budapest there are so many beautiful spots which remain undiscovered because one person cannot fully discover all corners of the city, it is simply too large. Additionally personal interests are an important factor for diversity as well which you can see for example on websites like 365Budapest or Kőarcok (Stone faces) showing wonderful details of Budapest as you have never seen it and probably never thought about. Therefore contribution is king! But how can you contribute?

  1. Submit your photo
    No matter if you are a resident or a visitor you can send me your photo to submit [@t] budapestphoto [.dot] net with a statement that you have taken this photo and give the right to publish it. I am sure during your stay you have taken a nice, funny or interesting photo in Budapest (or Hungary)

  2. Become an contributor
    In case you live in Budapest or somewhere else in Hungary and you are regularly taking photos in the city (no matter if professional or as an amateur) you can get a contributor account and publish the photos yourself. You will also get an author profile on which you can introduce yourself and in case you are offering photo related services (photo studio, wedding photography, post production etc) you can advertise them to the audience or link to them. To become a contributor please also send me an email to submit [@t] budapestphoto [.dot] net with your request and of course in case you have some photos already you can send them as well. All contributors will be listed in the footer of the website as well.

These are the possibilities to contribute to where I would like to build a collection of beautiful photos showing Budapest to the world.